Etnocook. Traditional Ukrainian Recipes


Potato was brought from South America to Europe in the second half of the XVI century by the Spanish after the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. Many years passed before people studied how to cook this vegetable. In France in the late 18th century women wore potato flowers in hair, made from them bouquets. In Germany people grew potatoes on flower beds in front of palaces. The villagers tried to eat it like fruit, but raw green vegetables were poisonous.

In Ukraine it was first planted in 1805 in Kharkiv Region. Cossacks knew potatoes, but as a trophy, which they acquired in the campaigns.

On the territory of the Ukrainian Carpathians potato came from the Austrian Empire and a long time was not perceived by the local population. Hutsuly liked freedom very much and were afraid of the possibility that potato was a way to tie them to the ground and make them farmers. They began to cultivate it in the end of the nineteenth century.

Potato came to the Ukrainian cuisine and had a great influence on it. It is also called “the second bread” of Ukraine and is added to a lot of our traditional dishes like varenyky, Knydli, borshch, galushky.

Recipes with potato:

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