Snap beans stewed in sour cream with pork rinds

The Ukrainian Hutsul traditional dish of tender fresh unripe pods of beans cooked in sour cream is very famous, popular and delicious.

Ukrainians began to use in food various cultivars of the common bean Phaseolus vulgaris in the XVII century. As it is well known Ukrainian stewed vegetables with pork rinds are popular throughout the world.

To cook incredible traditional Ukrainian dish “Snap beans stewed in sour cream with pork rinds” using the recipe from the culinary web resource of ethnic slavic cuisine Etnocook, You’ll need “lopatky”. The young snap beans Ukrainian Hutsul peaple call “lopatky” and use these unripe vegetables to prepare tasty and nutritional dish of the ethnic Ukrainian cuisine.

For this Ukrainian recipe can be taken green or wax beans (with a yellow or white pod), string beans, stringless beans, runner beans. Flavorful, juicy immature pods of beans have delicate flavor and almost no coarse fibers.

Unripened beans with sour cream and pork rinds

Unripened beans with sour cream and pork rinds

  • before stewing span beans can be boiled in salted water for 2-3 minutes
  • canned green beans can be used instead of fresh vegetables
  • carrots, onions and garlic can be cut into small pieces by knife
  • pork rinds can be made of pork and goose fat
  • a spoon of starch of flower can be added at the end of cooking to make the sauce more thick
  • Ingredients:

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    Prepare all ingredients to cook the Ukrainian traditional dish with snap beans in sour cream and pork rinds.


    Wash vegetables in cold water, peel. Cut onion into small pieces; rub carrot on a fine grater, mash garlic.


    Carrot and onions lightly fry in vegetable oil in a frying pan until light golden brown.


    Add washed beans, cover and stew over low heat for ~ 15 min., mix time-to-time.


    Add mashed garlic, sour cream, parsley, salt and sugar to taste, cover, stew about 5 minutes.


    To cook pork rinds cut pork fat into thin slices~ 2x2 cm.


    In a dry frying pan on the low heat fry slices of fat until cracklings are thin and slightly crispy, lightly golden brown.


    Serve traditional Ukrainian dish "Snap beans in sour cream" hot with pork rinds and green dill.


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