Varenyky with cheese and vegetables filling (steamed)

Varenyky, Ukrainian Dumplings with filling are famous all over the world and known since anient times. In traditional cuisine Varenyky was one of the most popular dish in Kyiv Rus.

The word “Pyrogy” is the ancient Slavonic word “pirogъ” that is – formed from the word “pirъ” (“feast”) with the suffix -ogъ or from the word “руго” (“wheat”), the ancient slavic word “pыro” under the influence of the word “pirъ” (“feast”). The word “Varenyky” is from the word “varyty” (“to boil”)

Pyrogy or Varenyky is one of the 12 sacred dishes on traditional Christmas dinner that were formed in 8-9 centuries  before the adoption of Christianity and were then inherited in Medieval Ukrainian cuisine.

Dumplings are so important Ukrainian dish that are marked  by the monuments in Ukraine and other places where Ukrainian lives.

In Ukraine for centuries was the tradition that the first dish that mother eat after childbirth was varenyky and people who made them wished her to have a lot of children and said “Be always full like varenyk”

Cheese-filled varenyky from sour dough cooked on steam

Cheese-filled varenyky from sour dough cooked on steam

  • if you've never made Ukrainian dumplings, I advise You to see my video with the step-by-step instruction how to make Varenyky on YouTube, where I have told in details about the process
  • chicken eggs can be replaced by quail eggs, the rate of 1: 2 or do not use eggs
  • instead of milk if necessary use water
  • homemade dough starter can be replaced by baking yeast used according to instructions
  • instead of butter can be used vegetable oil
  • if You don't have steamer and conditions to prepare steamed varenyky, dumplings can be cooked 3-4 minutes in salted boiling water
  • Making dumplings is a complex process that requires skills, not many people can cook dumplings for the first time

Nutrition facts: Calories: 110 kcal/100g ; Fat: 5g/100 grams; Known since: Kyiv Rus ;


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Prepare all ingredients for dough.


Prepare all ingredients for the filling


Sift the flour, pour small portions of sour dough starter and slightly heated (~ 35 ° C) milk. Additionally add egg, salt, sugar, mix thoroughly.


Knead elastic dough, if necessary, add more flour or milk (water). Cover the dough with a napkin or towel and put in a warm place (25-30 ° C), to grown up for ~60 min.


Sour dough for Varenyky is ready.


Wash and clean the potatoes, cut, boil until they become tender.


To cooked potatoes add cottage cheese, egg (optional), chopped parsley, salt and pepper to taste.


Make mashed potatoes and mix ingredients into a homogeneous mass.


Cabbage cut into small cubes, cut carrots and dill.


Put vegetables in a deep frying pan, add oil.


Steam on low heat until vegetables are softened, add to the potatoes.


Dough roll to thickness of 3-5 mm., make with glass rounds, put the stuffing in the center and press the edges of every round


Dumplings put on the floured surface, and leave in a warm place to grown (increased volume) for 30-60 minutes. Prepare steamer.


Cook dumplings Varenyky in steamer, put small portions.


Optionally fry at low temperature cut pieces of pork fat (salo).


Ready-made Varenyky pour with oil or melted butter, add chopped dill and onion.


Additionally add pork fat (salo), and the sour cream.


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